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Management Board

Ravichander Padma

b. 1959, Computer Science and IT (Dip), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, Graduate of Executive Management School Stanford University, California, USA
Main duty: Chief Executive Officer, 9.5.2016-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 14,197,303

Ranjan Priyesh

b. 1980, Bachelor of Technology (IIT Delhi)
Main duty: Chief Financial Officer, 1.7..2019-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 400,000

Martinez Armando

b.1968, Master's degree (MBA) and Bachelor of Communications and Electronics Engineering (BCEE), Specialization: Digital Electronics and Telecomminications
Main duty: Vice President Regional LATAM, 1.1.2019-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 100,000

Ketkar Sanjay

b. 1956, Master of Engineering (Automation), Indian Institute of Science
Main duty: Vice President, Managed Services and Support Operations, 1.6.2016-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 53,813

Singh Sheela

b. 1960, Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)
Main duty: Vice President, Quality & India Center head, 1.3.2017 - 31.12.2020
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 81,834

Monteiro Anil Peter

b. 1976, Human Resources Management, XLRI
Main duty: Vice President, People & Academy, 13.12.2018-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 100,000

Koskelainen Leena

b. 1965, Diploma in Business Information Technology
Main duty: Vice President, Product Engineering, 1.2.2018-
Tecnotre shares as on 31.12.2020: 80,941
Holding of interest parties as on 31.12.2020: 38,968

Thomas Sajan Joy

b. 1978, degree in Business Management from IIMC and Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University
Main duty: Vice President, Product Office, 1.6.2020-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: 100,000

Subramanian Ramaseshan

b. 1970, M. Sc (computer Science)
Main duty: Vice President, Value Engineering 1.12.2020-
Tecnotree shares as on 31.12.2020: -